Dead Sea Products by Dr Nona Force of Life from Dead Sea

Summer is one of the best times to go on vacation or just relax. Did you plan to book an appointment at the closest spa? Wait a minute! Today, you can create your own spa at home. All you need is some of your free time and proper cosmetic products. Your home can become the nearest spa place... 

Spa treatments such as massages, face masks, mud baths, peeling and water treatments are inevitable these days. Your body needs to "refuel" its engines during your modern and very dynamic life.

Dead Sea is known as the biggest natural and therapeutic spa. Cleopatra saw this place as her private youth and beauty well. Therefore, you must have one too! 

But, it doesn't mean that you need to book a hotel, take days off, hire babysitter and etc. Dr. Nona company brings the Dead Sea to your house. The only thing you need is to call our representative.

Home spa with Dr. Nona products: 

Face Care:

Apply a thick layer of Halo Dynamic cream on your face skin. This amazing moisturizing cream helps with various skin problems. The moisturizer improves blood circulation at the point it is applied, hydrating the skin, improving skin complexion and making it firm and healthy

After, applying Dynamic cream, spread a thick layer of Halo Recovering Mud Mask. Mineral mud mask cleanses the skin, nourishes it and promotes skin tissue regeneration. 

Make sure to avoid the contact of the mud or the cream with eye area. After 5-8 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water. This procedure is great for your face skin and works as peeling and lifting. 

When you're done with face treatment, apply Halo Eye care balm on the skin around eye area using a light patting motion. It is a targeted and effective procedure for your eye skin area

Afterwards, apply Halo Facial Solaris cream. The cream is rich with Vitamin A that slows down skin aging and promotes collagen and elastin fibers production.

Body care

Fill the bathtub with water at 95 Fahrenheit. Add 2 tablespoons of bath salt by Dr. Nona. Mineral-rich salts and essential oils soften and refine your skin. You will have the feeling that you are at the Dead Sea. Bath treatment is a complete care for your body and soul.

Give your body the energy from the Dead Sea, boost your mood, lower stress and tiredness levels. 

Soul care

Take a shower after a long work day. Turn on the shower and start counting slowly from 1-100. Imagine a beautiful nature picture or an image of your happy place; dream and relax...

To finish shower treatment count 1, 2, 3, deep breath, 4, 5 and open your eyes.

Use a bit of Halo Shower Gel, squeeze it on a body sponge, massage your body to improve blood flow and then rinse completely your entire body with water.

Halo Shower Gel contains cleansing ingredients and small particles of mud from the Dead Sea. These elements penetrate your skin, nourish it, improve its elasticity and promote skin cells regeneration. The skin becomes clean and smooth, in addition giving it a fresh sense

After taking a shower, apply halo Solaris body lotion. Our body lotion softens your skin, repairs its tissues, promotes cell skin regeneration and protects it from environmental factors. 

It takes only few minutes of your time and the result is soft and silky smooth skin.  

Enjoy your home SPA and share with others!